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UV Hard Gel

Beautiful long lasting UV Hard Gel Nails.

Now when it comes to Gel nails I offer two forms.  One for the weaker/brittle nail bed and the other one for a healthy/normal nail bed.

UV Hard Gel (Can last up to 2 weeks) – £20.00

This is for those clients that have thinner and more brittle nails (nails that snap or break easily).  UV Hard Gel is a great help if you’re looking to grow your nails that little bit longer or making the nails stronger to prevent snapping and splitting of the nails.  It also has a thicker consistency to the gel making it more durable on a day to day basis.

There are also no restrictions on colours with UV Hard Gel, your chosen colour gets applied on top of the UV Hard Gel.  Followed by a top coat that is set within 30 seconds!

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I am a fully qualified Beautician & Nail Technician, offering a range of treatments that cater for just about everyone!

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The treatment variety is forever growing! From my most popular treatments like Gel Nails and Eyebrow Tinting to Eyelash Lifts and Luxury Pedicures.

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