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Gel Polish (Fingers) – £16.00
Gel Polish (Toes) – £15.00
Gel Polish Package (Fingers & Toes) – £30.00
UV Hard Gel (Fingers) – £20.00

Please note – removal of gel polish is an additional £3.00

Wanting to beautify yourself? You have come to the right place!

Whether your choosing to have your nails done for that one time special occasion or you like to have fabulous nails on a day to day basis, I have something to suit YOU!

I have a forever growing collection of Gel colours & glitters to choose from. From super dark reds to very bright pinks!

Now when it comes to Gel nails I offer two forms.  One for the weaker/brittle nail bed and the other one for a healthy/normal nail bed.

UV Hard Gel – Can last up to 2 weeks – £20.00

This is for those clients that have thinner and more brittle nails (nails that snap or break easily).  UV Hard Gel is a great help if you’re looking to grow your nails that little bit longer or making the nails stronger to prevent snapping and splitting of the nails.  It also has a thicker consistency to the gel making it more durable on a day to day basis.

There are also no restrictions on colours with UV Hard Gel, your chosen colour gets applied on top of the UV Hard Gel.  Followed by a top coat that is set within 30 seconds!

Gel polish Fingers – Can last up to 2 weeks – £16.00
Gel Polish Toes – Can last up to 4 weeks – £15.00
Gel Polish Package (Both) – £30.00

Your chosen Gel polish colour gets applied onto the natural nail plate after the base coat has been applied, then followed by a top coat to seal these for the next 2 weeks!

Gel polish is great for those that already have the healthy nail bed and naturally stronger nails, and even if you don’t have the best of nails … normal gel polish still brings you many benefits!

Please call Maia: 07531 198668

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A little about Maia ...

I am a fully qualified Beautician & Nail Technician, offering a range of treatments that cater for just about everyone!

I am always on the prowl for new and popular treatments I can bring to MAIA EMILY.

The treatment variety is forever growing! From my most popular treatments like Gel Nails and Eyebrow Tinting to Eyelash Lifts and Luxury Pedicures.

I see myself as a very bubbly character and absolutely love meeting new people and building new client relationships, as no two people are the same! Something new each day!

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