Conker that hard skin!

Rapid  Pedicure – £16.00.

Not only keep your feet looking healthy, they also keep nails trimmed, hard skin controlled and skin moisturized.

This is simple treatment that includes, Filing the nail to your desired shape, Cuticle work (nipping and softening), Foot scrub and finally finishing with a Varnish (optional).

The Rapid pedicure is designed for clients who have regular pedicures and keep there feet well maintained between visits.

Luxury Pedicure – £26.00.

This is a longer treatment than the rapid pedicure, this includes a luxurious foot spa to soak your feet in, Berry foot scrub, Cuticle work, Trimmed nails, Nail shaping, Working on the hard skin, Removing dead skin cells, Foot and calf massage and ending the treatment with a lovely fragranced moisturiser!

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A little about Maia ...

I am a fully qualified Beautician & Nail Technician, offering a range of treatments that cater for just about everyone!

I am always on the prowl for new and popular treatments I can bring to MAIA EMILY.

The treatment variety is forever growing! From my most popular treatments like Gel Nails and Eyebrow Tinting to Eyelash Lifts and Luxury Pedicures.

I see myself as a very bubbly character and absolutely love meeting new people and building new client relationships, as no two people are the same! Something new each day!

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