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  • Date: 03/10/2018
  • Category: Acne

Your reading this because your in desperate need of help to cure your acne?

I 100% feel your pain and anxiety levels right now. At this moment in time you feel that there couldn’t possibly be anything worse out there you could be going through.

There’s so many different forms and causes of acne. From Teenage to Adult Acne. From Cystic Acne on your face to Acne on your Chest.

All of the above are horrendous. But I guarantee you have already been and tried the majority of the topical lotions and antibiotics. (If you haven’t I advice you to go to your GP for advice or contact me via email to talk about options –

Like I said earlier, the range of acne and its severity is HUGE! So you could go to your GP and simply get an antibiotic that fixes you up within a couple of weeks …. OR they could take one glance at you and refer you straight to dermatology. In this case there probably thinking along the lines of putting you on Roacutane. This works wonders and is the strongest medicine in the Acne industry. But usually this is a last resort after you have tried everything else, it is a very strong antibiotic with unwelcoming side effects. I have been on Roacutane 3 times under the age of 16 years. Each time has worked wonders and for the majority of people 1 course of this antibiotic is normally enough. The younger you are put on Roacutane the more chance your acne MAY come back as your skin glands wont have matured (My Situation).

Eventually after its done its magic (months of work) … Gives you a Photoshop finish in my opinion. Which is all great but the side effects take there toll! (Low moods,Peeling skin,Redness,Super dry lips … and there only a few). Personally each time I went on Roacutane it cleared faster as your body is already used to the antibiotic but for me, the side effects worsened each time.

As of my skin care routine – I have tried everything under the sun that claims to clear your acne. And believe me. I have put my face through some scrubbing over the years. (OUCH!)

So for a while now I use the most delicate thing out there on the market … water! Dampen a few cotton pads with lukewarm water and lightly dab my face to get rid of anything my skin has come in to contact within the day. I do this morning and night.

The majority of the products I have used have in the past have irritated my skin. Even the simplest things like simple wash. At one point I was convinced I had some form of skin disease because my skin created some kind of irritation to absolutely everything that came into contact with my skin! Whether it was Cleanser,toner and moisturiser or Pro Active. This list is honestly ENDLESS.

Even to the extent of if I used anything other than Dove baby wash & Shampoo, I would get irritation dots on my chest and back almost straight away.


Lets talk about dieting and exercise (most peoples dreaded topic) … everyone enjoys tasty food and drinks right? Take aways,Fizzy drinks,Sweets etc.

There’s mixed results out there on the internet when it comes to research with how dieting plays a part in acne. For me, in my personal opinion and from experience, its absolutely crucial.

Everything your putting in your mouth has an effect on your body and therefore has a effect on your skin.

So for example, if your snacking on packets of crisps and biscuits throughout the day. You have to think, what health benefits is this bringing to my body? The answer is non. Your storing unwanted calories, spiking your insulin levels. Swap these bad habits for carrot sticks and hummus.

Acne causes are way more complicated than everyone thinks. A lot of people think and its just a problem on the outside. Wrong! Acne is forming from the inside and pushing its way through to be visible on the outside. So you have to work from the inside first.

Straight away, we know that acne is a hormonal problem. So it is vital to keep all hormones balanced at all times. To do this, you need to be on a clean, strict and hydrating diet. Eating at regular times, preferably every 2 hours so your insulin levels do not drop. Remember we need to keep everything level. You don’t want to be adding any unwanted additional hormones to your body! Certain foods like milk and cheese! These both have added hormones within them. Remember acne is a inflammation problem and these two foods make the inflammation a lot worse, this will throw your hormone levels right out of sync as does sugar! If you flood your body with loads of sugar you’re guaranteed an insulin spike. I cant stress enough how much sugar effects your insulin levels, never mind causing several problems with your skin! This is includes sugary drinks like pure orange juice, coca cola etc! Swap these habits to water or squash with no sugar in. Your main priority is to have as minimal sugar as possible.

You may want to start thinking about food allergies too. Because I also found that avoiding all main carbohydrates (Bread,pasta,rice,potatoes) Foods with wheat in! Alternatively you could try,wheat free bread,buckwheat pasta and sweet potato. I found this improved my skin dramatically within a couple of weeks. I felt improvement within the first couple of days as my skin wasn’t throbbing or sore to touch.


Being a girl defiantly has its down sides and this is one of the major ones!

I’ve been on the depo injection and that was the worst mistake still to this day I have ever made. As well as different oral contraception – Yasmin, dianette and so on! I’ve cut contraception out all together as this plays a massive role in your hormone levels. No one could ever predict my moods. Everyone around me felt like they were walking on egg shells all the time. I was letting off bad vibes around people, constantly crying and very low moods (soz guys). Id say if you wanted to go onto a form of contraception for the reason it was invented for in the first place – I would go for the non hormonal coil. Personally I haven’t been on this form of contraception but if I had to go on one tomorrow that’s what I would choose. Obviously there’s side effects for every form of contraception, but I found that my periods were either non existent or id be having 3 in one month. Which either way is not good for your hormones.

I’m going to wrap this up with a couple of photos of my acne at the start of the process compared to now. Believe it or not this is only a short version of everything I need to tell you guys about my journey! Please contact me if you have any questions on anything! From what my daily eating routine is or what lotions and antibiotics are best for you. Email –

June 2017 – Present (October 2018)

As you can gather from the first 2 photos, I had extremely sore cystic acne. The photo of me at the bottom is my current situation. I have no makeup on my skin, i’m just left with a lot of scarring from 8 years worth of acne.

acneacneacne scarring


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