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Trending Builder Gel, also referred to as BIAB by The Gel Bottle, is an excellent solution for those seeking to grow their nails naturally while maintaining their nail beds’ health and strength. With builder gel, you can achieve long nails without compromising their integrity.

Regular BIAB infills every 2-3 weeks can lead to natural nail growth in a short period. It especially benefits individuals with thinner and more brittle nails that are prone to breakage or splitting. The thicker consistency of this gel makes it more durable for daily wear and tear.

A significant benefit of BIAB gel nails is the liberty to select any colour or design without restrictions. For an
additional cost, the desired pattern is applied over the builder gel, followed by a topcoat that dries within a minute.

For more information, or to book, please contact me on 07531 198668 or email


“I’ve had my nails done by Maia today!  She is amazing at what she does.  She is so friendly and it’s like having conversations with a friend I’ve known for years.  Couldn’t fault her.  I will definitely be returning xxx.”


“Had my LVLS done today and I can say I’m absolutely amazed by the result!  I’m obsessed with them & keep getting lots of compliments.”


“Maia has always done a fantastic job with my nails.  So lovely to chat to & gives you all the aftercare advice you need.  Thank you very much Maia xxx.”


“I’ve been a couple of times to get my eyebrows done by Maia and I love the attention to detail each time.  They last forever!”


“Amazing experience, lovely hostess the entire time!  Gorgeous results every time.”


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